Science and Technology

How it Works

Figure 1

Using our patented cutting edge technology, our device can accurately measure tear film thickness, and thus determine the presence and severity of DES. Our state-of-the-art, cost-effective design overcomes prevailing issues in current DES diagnostic tools by reducing patient discomfort and increasing diagnostic sensitivity, accuracy, and speed (Figure 1).

The basis apparatus is composed of a light source, camera, objective lens and computer (Figure 2). Coherent monochromatic light is directed onto the cornea at a specific incident angle and distance. The light reflected by the tear film is collected using a complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (cMOS) camera, which with fluctuation analysis by spatial image correlation (FASIC), is used to characterize tear film thickness (Figure 3). In combination with an easy-to-use stand-alone software, our device streamlines this process to provide physicians with accurate real-time assessments of dry eye disease in the clinic.